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Hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles

Hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles, CA


Here’s the play by play.

First ask practically everyone in town for a recommendation to pre-screen a floor refinisher since it sure to be a serious challenge.

Then completely clear each room

Tape plastic bags over heating vents to keep our air filters free of dust during the sanding process

Next is sanding the floors using one of those professional sanders with a dust bag attached to suck in as much excess dust as possible

Remove the plastic from the heating vents and fired up the heat to a toasty 75 degrees before applying any stain since you wouldn’t be able to walk on the floors for 20 hours after the stain is applied (heat helps to speed up the drying process).

The next morning the floor will be ready to apply the first coat of polyurethane, which only takes about 45 minutes

The following morning again to apply the second coat of poly, lightly sand the first coat before laying it down just as all the experts recommend. This entire process takes about an hour and forty five minutes.

On day four apply the third and final coat of poly, three coats of polyurethane are far superior to two- so always check how many coats your refinisher intends to apply, three probably means that you’ve got an expert on your hands.

Do not walk on the floors for 48 hours at which point you can move all of the furniture back into the rooms.

So there you have it. A step by step breakdown of what to expect when you’re refinishing your floors. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring it out, we wish you all the luck in the world… and some glossy and fabulous floors that make all the wait worth it in the end!

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