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Engineered Wood Floor Installations
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Engineered wood floor installation is a versatile and cost-effective flooring solution that offers the timeless appeal of wood. Comprising real wood veneer over a composite core, this process offers a wide range of design options while adapting well to various environments. Prime Hardwood Floors offers engineered wood floor installations in Los Angeles as a practical solution for your flooring needs.

An Elegant & Practical
Flooring Solution

Engineered wood installation is a flooring method that involves laying engineered wood planks over a subfloor or underlayment. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered wood consists of a real wood veneer bonded to layers of plywood or fiberboard. This construction enhances stability and reduces the risk of warping or cupping, making it suitable for areas with fluctuating humidity, such as basements. Engineered wood offers the beauty of hardwood with added resilience.

Beautiful and modern hardwood wood floors obtained through reasonable hardwood floor installation cost in Los Angeles.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Installation:

  • Enhanced stability in varying climates
  • Versatile installation options, including over concrete slabs
  • Wide range of wood species and finishes
  • Cost-effective compared to solid wood
  • Suitable for areas with increased humidity, like basements
  • Minimal environmental impact with efficient use of wood resources
  • Durable and resistant to warping or cupping
  • Easy maintenance and refinishing options


How Engineered Wood Installation Is Done

As part of our engineered wood floor installations in Los Angeles, our flooring experts carefully inspect and prepare the subfloor, ensuring it’s clean, level, and dry. If needed, a moisture barrier is installed to protect against moisture-related issues. Next, the engineered wood planks are expertly installed using glue-down, nail-down, or floating methods, depending on your preference and the specific type of engineered wood you choose.

Each plank interlocks securely, ensuring a stable and uniform surface. After installation, the floor is sanded and finished to enhance its appearance and protect against wear and tear. The result is a stunning floor that captures the warmth and beauty of natural wood while providing added durability and adaptability to changing environmental conditions.

What is engineered wood flooring, and
how does it differ from solid wood?

An engineered wood floor is composed of a real wood veneer over layers of plywood or fiberboard. Unlike solid wood, it’s less prone to expansion, contraction, and warping due to changes in temperature and humidity. This can be beneficial in certain conditions. Our team can help you determine if engineered wood floor installations in Los Angeles are right for your space.

Worker doing engineered wood floor installations in Los Angeles.

Flooring Options

Explore a myriad of choices offered by Garrison Collection, spanning hundreds of options to suit your preference and style.

Engineered Wood Installation FAQs

Can engineered wood be installed over concrete or radiant heating systems?

Yes, engineered wood is suitable for installation over concrete subfloors and is compatible with radiant heating systems, making it a versatile solution for various environments.

How does the cost of engineered wood installation compare to solid wood flooring?

Engineered wood is often more cost-effective than solid wood due to its construction. However, prices vary based on the wood species, thickness, and finish.

Can I refinish engineered wood floors if they become scratched or damaged?

The ability to refinish engineered wood floors depends on the thickness of the real wood veneer. Thicker veneers can be sanded and refinished, while thinner ones may have limitations.

Is engineered wood environmentally friendly compared to solid wood?

The wood that we use in engineered wood floor installations in Los Angeles, is considered eco-friendly because it makes efficient use of wood resources, using less solid wood for the same surface area.

Can engineered wood floors be refinished?

The ability to refinish engineered wood floors depends on the thickness of the real wood veneer. Thicker veneers can typically withstand refinishing. However, thinner veneers may have limitations, as excessive sanding could compromise the wood layer.

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