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Wood Flooring and Dogs

Hardwood is, pretty much, the opposite of carpet as far as your pet is concerned. It is a lot easier to keep clean and bugs hate it.

On the other hand, dogs may have difficulty gaining a firm footing on the flooring. Also, your pet’s nails need to be trimmed regularly; not only will they make a loud clicking sound, but nails can damage many of the hardwood varieties.

And, while fur that is shed is easy to clean, it is also easy to see, so either your cleaning frequency will need to be taken up a notch or your sensitivity to the aesthetics of fur on wood will need to be toned down.

Spills, too, are a cause for concern; you do need to clean them up promptly or take the risk of long-term damage to your floor. To that end, you should consider a mat under your pet’s drinking bowls.

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